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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The tasting rule.

It is hard to stay healthy during the holiday season, from Halloween candy to all of those Christmas parties we get invited to.  I have managed so far, by following the "tasting rule".   This rule states that I can taste something, but cannot have a whole portion. I have found that denying myself results in binge eating. I become obsessed with what I can't have, so rather than not having it at all, I just have a little taste.  This seems to satisfy my cravings and relieve my compulsion for binging.  This rule mostly pertains to the sweet stuff for me, but it might be a good idea for some people at say the Thanksgiving table to instill the tasting rule.  Have a bite of those creamy buttery mashed potatoes, but have larger portions of the healthier choices on the table and if possible have a salad before the meal.  I promise if we our mindful of what we eat, and have a little taste of the things we know we should not have whole portions of; we can certainly get through the next few months together!

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