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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meatless Burgers

One of our favorite meals is soy burgers and sweet potato fries.  We recently decided to do a comparison of three different meatless burgers we have found.

Nutrition Information: 130 calories, 0 saturated fat,
0 trans fat, 390mg sodium, 12g carbs

Nutritional Information:  170 Calories, 1g saturated fat,
0 trans fat, 360mg sodium, 4g carbs

Nutritional Information:  120 calories, 1.5 saturated fat,
0 trans fat, 380mg sodium, 6g carbs

  • Overall we like the taste and texture of the Boca and Morning Star best. 
  • Morning Star has the best texture for grilling
  • None of the brands held up well in the microwave, not recommended, grill or grill pan work best.
  •  Amy's has the best nutritional value.

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